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Your genes don’t determine your future health









The environment determines what you look like and how healthy you are.   Genes determine 35% of your health and the environment 65%.  There are 3 core elements that determine health:

  • Healthy detoxification within the person.
  • Adaptive resilience
  • Balanced pH and nutrition

Our total environmental and biological stress load is effected by environmental toxins,          gastrointestinal dysfunction, metabolites of ineffective biological processes and hormones, chemical and EMF radiation, pathologies in our body, inflammation, nutrient deficiencies/excess, aging, sugar, trauma, processed foods, sleep apnoea, drugs and alcohol, smoking, acidity, smoking and immune responses. 

Simple ways to improve your health outcome:

  • Practitioner only detoxification to clean up gut and help clear out toxins safely
  • Clean diet
  • Correct nutritional deficiencies
  • Chiropractic care to improve nerve function